This page contains a number of imaginary cities drawn beteen now and 2002. I work straight from memory to create new made up but highly realistic cities. Most of the images are just details from the full drawings. On request I'd be happy to email you the full size image.

dated 2009 until 2015, comment to the artist (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)

  • Budapest and the Danube

    Panoramic view over Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Many landmarks can be discerned between the rooftops.

  • Grand Place

    Grand Place in a Flemish city.

  • Bucharest



    Portrait of the eccentric capital of Romania, Bucharest. In the foreground the wide, open Unification Square (Piata Unirii) is visible and in the background the impressive Palace of Parliament.

  • Trams in Prague

    Trams at a large square in the old town of Prague.

  • New York City at Night

    View over 5th Avenue and Central Park towards Midtown Manhattan. Several well known skyscrapers such as the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building are visible in the background. Drawn from memory.

  • Metropolis by the Sea

    Imaginary metropolis with elements from New York, London and Paris. 5 months of grinding labour!

  • City in Ireland

    Cork, Dublin and Belfast in one drawing.

  • Two Roman Squares

    Two Roman squares. Loosly based on Piazza Farnese and Campo de Fiori.

  • Spacca Napoli 2

    View over Naples' ancient heart, Spacca Napoli. This one is a follow up of a previously made drawing.

  • Spacca Napoli

    View over the old heart of Naples, also know as Spacca Napoli (split Naples) because of the Via dei Tribunali which cuts the city in half.

  • Railway station in a city

    Great railway station in a British city.

  • 3 Bridges

    3 Bridges


    Imaginary view over NYC. The Woolworth Building is on the left. It took me four months and 26 days to this drawing.

  • Berne and the Alps

    View over the old town of Berne with the river Aare rushing below its bridges and the mighty peaks of the Alps are in the background.

  • NYC Avenue at Dusk

    One of Manhattans' big avenues at dusk.

  • Italian City

    Imaginary city somewhere in Central or Northern Italy. This is the result of three and a half months work.

  • Uptown Manhattan

    "El" train somewhere uptown Manhattan.

  • American City

    Imaginary city in the United Stated with elements from New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. I've worked on this drawing for over four and a half months.

  • Broadway and 5th

    Part of Manhattan where Broadway and 5th meet each other. The Flatiron building is visible in the background.

  • Bridge in Sunlight

    View over the river Liffey in Dublin.

  • London Bridge & The Shard

    View from The City looking south towards London Bridge and the Shard.

  • Swiss City

    Swiss City


    Imaginary city in Switzerland that combines parts of Lucerne, Zurich, Basle and Berne in one cityscape.

  • Buenos Aires

    Impression from memory of the Avenida de 9. Julio, the widest avenue in the world in Buenos Aires. About half of the actual drawing is visible here.

  • NYC at Night

    My first large scale 'City at Night' drawing. This is an imaginary overlook of Manhattan seen from the west.

  • Paris, Left Bank

    Imaginary view over Paris' left bank of the river Seine.

  • London Terminus

    Imaginary London Terminus loosely based on Kings Cross St. Pancrass and Paddington station.  

  • Chicago Loop

    Commissioned Chicago drawing. In the foreground Chicago Public Library, City Hall and Daley Plaza are visible. More towards the back also the John Hancock Center and Lake Michigan appear. 

  • City at the foot of the mountains

    Town in central or eastern Europe at the foot a might mountain range.